Accompaniment and consulting

WebConcepts, with many years of experience and tens of customers representing a broad variety of different areas and activities, knows, that bottom line, your business is the most important, and therefore we are here to provide ongoing assistance, beginning with the strategic research, uploading the website onto the internet, and up to the point that the desired success is achieved.  In addition, we will provide you with six months promotion of the website in the search engines at a price which is unprecedented!  We will make sure that the website is updated, we will check the number of entries and amount of surfers, and we will make the necessary corrections and amendments on a real time basis so that you can devote your energies in expanding and strengthening your business.

WebConcepts cares about your success

WebConcepts understands that the success of its customers is its success too and considers itself a partner and responsible for the optimization of the website.  With WebConcepts – your business will succeed and be profitable!!

WebConcepts together with a management company - consulting and accompaniment services for businesses and companies headed by Mr. Yaron Ozen, offer you the most perfect and attractive business package for your business - also a network presence, also a beautiful and functional website,

Both promotion to tens of thousands of potential customers and effective tools for the proper construction of the business and product from the foundation to Tefahot.

The management company has many years of experience in accompanying and advising businesses in various fields

And varied:

  • Fashion: Clothing stores, import and distribution.
  • Food business: restaurants, catering, confectionery, banquet halls grocery and commercial.
  • Medicine: Dentists, dental technicians and implant manufacturers
  • Technology: Solar companies, machining.
  • Commercial business: production and distribution of Judaica, import, export, distribution, sale of electric bicycles and the like.
  • Alternative medicine: therapists, manufacturers of preparations, psychiatric therapists, movement therapists and the like.
  • Entrepreneurs of inventions from diverse fields.

Service clients are guaranteed quality personal and professional accompaniment. Confidentiality is guaranteed

And now - building an image website for your business at a special price !!

And now - six months of search engine optimization at an unprecedented price !!

Advice and guidance until success