Effective Website

You have set up a business?  You have built a business plan?  You have hired an expert marketing consultant for strategy?  As they say in advertising, that's good, but not excellent.  The absolute necessity for any new business is a professional website, to be used for image, presentation and display, even if it is not used for sales. The following questions should be considered when planning business development in order to realize the vision:

  1. Do you have an experiential and functioning internet website?
  2. If you have a website, is it user friendly to search engines and advanced website promotion systems?
  3. Do internet users surf in the website?
  4. If there are surfers in the website, do they stay there a long time, or go in and out?
  5. If the surfers stay in the website, do they realize the target goal regarding purchasing, registration, etc?

If answers to the above are positive, you have our blessing.  You have created the perfect website and we are sure you path to success is guaranteed.  From our many years of experience, the majority of websites are designed to promote sales and purchases via the website. 

They are also used for marketing with the aim to promote image or branding, but usually do not provide solutions to at least one of the above questions.

Buying a domain, building a website with the help of a graphic designer or via internet tools, advertising it with visiting cards or marketing brochures, will not turn this website into a success story or realize the target goals.  The characterizations required to implement the stages mentioned above, are in depth and demand planning at the strategic plan level, and better it be performed by experts in the field of website promotion and search engines.  The continuous improvements needed for the display of every business, is not what attracts customers, not in a large and seductive market such as the internet.

Try to design the homepage, your entrance to the internet, in an attractive and experiential way that will ease the surfer, the customer, to reach the desired inside pages (contact page, virtual store, credit card options, gallery, etc.).  Aim to fulfill the abilities of relevant search keywords which will assist your website promotion systems and large search engines to move you nearer to your primary goals and make sure your business is in the forefront.