"Be there or be square" – if you're not there you don't exist!
"A website that is not promoted – a body without a soul"

Let's assume we are referring to Google.  If your website is not promoted in the world's leading search engine – chances of exposure are very slim.

We have invested years of resources into understanding Google and how  it works and as " Skype phone representatives in Israel we have succeeded in being on the first page of Google out of 238 million Google results"!!! We are now in a place where we can bring a website (with the necessary changes) to the highest level of exposure on Google – and here we have a major lead on any of our competitors.

In recent years marketing wars are "technological" – simply:  "If you are not there, you do not exist".  In order to coordinate expectations and to receive a general background on all the services we provide,  here are a number of points for your review:

Promoting the website

1.1  Choosing keywords
We will prepare a statistical report of the required keywords in the field, and specifically to the website.  We will produce a report with main keywords and secondary keywords with maximum search potential.  We will check out competitive keywords, the site's current position on the internet and the relevance of the keywords to the website.  A final report with keyword recommendations for the website promotion will be presented to the client for approval.

Website optimization

1.2  Adjust Google Search Engine
We will work with the client to correct the website and suit it to the Google search engine.  During optimization we will coordinate the website content to each keyword, prepare content for the search engine, upload the content and arrange the keywords.  On each page two keywords can be promoted, therefore, each keyword, or group of keywords have to be coordinated with the website's pages.  We will optimize the structure of the website and create quality links between all of the pages.

1.3  Installation of Google Analytics
After installation we will provide a current results report in order to follow the site's promotion and the improvement on the time the surfer spends in the site by analyzing keywords that have been typed and the appropriate tools to track surfers.  We will follow up on the most asked for pages on the website, keywords, and from which websites the surfers came from, etc.

Obtaining Links

We will register the website on various indexes.
We will obtain quality links to the website from other similar content websites on the internet.
We will obtain at least 200 links from different websites on the internet.
We will build the links in accordance with the required keywords, taking care of correct link structure.

Production of Statistic Reports

We will produce a Statistic report every two months which will include:

  1. A list of promoted keywords and their placing.
  2. Entries to the website.
  3. Website pages which have been looked at.
  4. Average time the surfer spent in the website.
  5. List of websites the surfer came from.
  6. Number of entries via the various search engines.
  7. The most popular pages of the website.

ROI – Return of Investment
Maximum results via advanced statistics.
Today we are able to precisely check effectiveness of an advertisement campaign on the internet.  We can follow those websites which are advertised and the number of surfers who visited those websites.  We can check how long the surfers remained in the website and the average number of pages which were looked at regarding the campaign.  We will place emphasis on promoting and improving the website pages with this tool.

Conclusions from the statistical reports
After analyzing the reports we will reach the necessary conclusions for improvement, amendment and update of the web pages.  We will check the incoming links campaign, and the keywords that brought the visitors to the website.  All this, until we reach our targeted goals.

Service and Support
Professional support service will be available to the client immediately, Sunday – Thursday, between 9:00 – 17:00.  Website managers will provide you with their mobile phone numbers for emergencies 24 hours a day.

Words to Promote the Website:
Main keywords for promotion:  Primary and secondary keywords will be agreed upon with the client after the recommended promotion keywords report has been produced.