Catalog Sites

Over and beyond the fact that the internet website is a visual marketing factor, many times it is also a "showcase" and public display for products and items which the business is interested in selling or marketing for sale.  Websites such as these are called "catalog websites".

Catalog websites are aimed to display a broad selection of products in an easy and user friendly way to the surfer, so that he can navigate easily, safely and quickly between the items and information the website provides.  Usually, the goal is not to buy online, but to enable fast contact with the sales agent or the business to advance purchase.

Comfortable user interface

WebConcepts understands that the secret is simple. There is no need to get wise or to make life difficult for the surfer in the website to search for an item. The harder it is to find, he will despair, leave the site and look to competitors. In planning the website, emphasis is put on photos of items and by showing them in the most efficient and experiential way,

whether they be spread out on the main page or via logo links, between the various items. In order to prevent a "flood" of products, an in depth process with the client is performed regarding rating and order of importance between the various items, and according to this characterization, it is determined what will fully appear in the website and what will appear as a link or not appear at all (it is custom to write "and many more products….") or "and more"…..

Appropriate characterization

Every business has its own guidelines and rules and WebConcepts will coordinate for each business the characterization which suits it. The planning and professional design will encourage real leads, which will be repeated and changed, to meet the targets defined,  We will make sure that there is continuous movement at the top of the search engines with the help of content management systems and the relevant search keywords.