Prestige Sites

An internet website, as a tool with focused targets, can serve a number of functions which the owner can already define at the start of characterization, and upon which programmers and planners of the site can design the user interface.

Home Page

The type of website we are discussing is an "image" website with a specific goal to promote the business marketing, and is an integral part of the branding and marketing strategies.

This website will always have an inviting homepage which will be easy to move around,  and it will have the maximum surfing experience which will define the basics of the business and its "I believe".  Usually this is done with the help of a presentation (animated or flash) or, in especially invested websites, an image video clip combined with video and flash.  The homepage will guide the surfer into inside pages which will describe the major and most important points of the business, mainly by providing contact information or direction to another attractive locale.


It is important to emphasize that an image website is the basis for future expansion of sales, information, etc, and its programming leaves room for much unrealized potential.  We, at WebConcepts, understand the importance of the marketing goals, and have great experience in developing such websites.  Out content management systems contain endless options for creating content, adding videos, audio, photos, galleries, picture catalogs and portals for electronic trade.

The marketing goal of the site

At webconcepts, we understand the importance of the marketing goal and have extensive experience in developing this type of website, and our content management systems contain endless options for creating content pages, adding videos, audio clips, images, galleries, image catalogs and e-commerce portals. Marketing infrastructure begins with research and creating optimal strategy, based on keywords and website promotion in major search engines. & Nbsp; The website will be based on movement, vocals, and on continual action so that the potential surfer will enjoy staying in the website and will help it to maintain its high status in the search engine.