Website design

Congratulations!  You have decided to plan and develop your business website.  What now?  How to choose a concept?  How to make sure that surfers will visit the site and stay there? An unofficial rule, in the digital world of internet, determines that the time it takes for a surfer to decide if he stays in a certain website or moves on to another, is no more than 5-8 seconds!!  This is an extremely short time and the quality and design is critical to the website's success and achievement of goals.

The importance of website design

Love at first site is the name of the game.  The design must attract the eye of the surfer the second he enters the home page, and then of course, the site must be navigation friendly and must optimize the user's experience.  There should be no need to move from the home page to the products page in more than one click.

While working on the design it is most important to remember that the internet is a business arena with huge economic power, which will only grow in time, but there is existing, potential and future competition.  The website must be competitive and highlight the relative advantages of the business and the design process is crucial in differentiating between other websites.

One must always remember that this is a store that is visited by consumers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without prior warning and with no consideration to opening and closing hours.

Professionalism of design

Design of the website enables change, additions and updates to be easily made, without dependency on the designer or programmer.  Adaptation  and assumptions of market needs must be of the highest level and should be measured in a number of minutes.  The double aspect of visual presentation, together with music, can be a far more efficient image brochure than any catalog or marketing folder which is printed.  This will also ease the burden on the marketing department and field agents who can use the internet website as a marketing platform when needed.  The website will highlight the professionalism, quality and seriousness of the business.

To design a website you need a reliable professional who has the expertise and knowledge required in the fields of marketing, marketing communications, and branding, etc.  He must relate to the concepts built in such as logo, fonts, visuals, and slogans and combine them into the design of the website.  He must also adapt them to the search engines and upload the content in a user friendly way so as to promote the website.