Turning Websites into Business

There are a number of goals to be met when developing an internet website – to be informative - to provide knowledge to the relevant clientele, whether focused or general; to be commercial – to provide a physical need to potential consumers who will be part of the marketing strategy which is making contact with you and your business. 

In order to succeed in meeting the goals you have set, it is not enough to buy a domain, to develop an internet website and upload it on to the web, but continuous action must be taken to create ongoing movement to it, and more importantly, to provide surfers that have already visited the website, the best feeling possible!

Internet marketing is the most efficient solution for promoting  and developing the brand easily and comfortably and it is significantly cheaper than any other media, but, it is important to be professional and understand what to do, because much as the potential for success is great, so is the chance of failure.  There are three major ways to create an ongoing daily stream of movement.

1.  SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This is organized movement by the search engines, without you knowing, seeking your presence and your content on the internet.  This is most powerful and efficient and demands that you provide updates, additional content and wise activity on the web and on various websites.  There are formulas for this search engine activity and the more you learn and know about them, your work will be more efficient, your website will be promoted, and you, will be at the top of the search engines.

2. Pay per click (ppc)

People will visit your website by clicking on a designed advertisement located on the side of the search engine. 

You pay for every click to the site which advertizes you, and in return you are promoted to the top of their search lists.  The key to the most successful and efficient use of this excellent tool, is to understand the importance of relevant search keywords and to write the correct text in the advertisement.  Being aware of the best and most efficient methods, will both improve and turn the advertisement into a profitable business tool.

3. Web 2.0

This terminology relates to using social networks and interactive forums.  Exposure and activity on websites with enormous marketing potential, such as Facebook, Youtube, The Marker, etc.  This does not cost money, but demands effective marketing for image purposes, so that your name, the business name and the intention of the website are used as an honorable and professional visiting card.  The more professional you appear on these websites, the more potential clients who will be interested and will surf in your website.

All of the above are strong and significant tools for marketing your website and help turn your business into a thriving and profitable venture, but, it is crucial to be professional, to broadcast credibility and to understand this media.  You must avoid vulnerability or the opposite and undesired results will occur.  The internet remembers everything, positive and negative.

Summary:  How to turn your website into a success?  How to assist you in meeting the targets you set when planning, characterizing and designing the website?  In this article we will focus on three types of internet activity, which when used intelligently and wisely, can change your website into a thriving and profitable business.