Build a Virtual Online Store to Start Your Sales Online

Boost your sales online

The year 2021 has come and it's your time, a business owner to boost your sales by opening another profit channel online. Imagine how many sales of your products are missed because you are only in the OFFLINE world. &Nbsp;

Look, there's no arguing that more and more people are spending their time browsing the web, social networks and searching for information on Google's search engines. And while those people are searching for information or intending to buy, you can offer them their products online in all sorts of strategies and methods some of which are free and some sponsored (for a fee) that will lead your store to be the center of attention and get the right exposure from thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of surfers. Can become customers of your business who buy from you over and over again. - To break texts   And as a result of this situation, it can be seen that more freelancers and companies are changing the traditional curriculum, and moving their services online.

Even traditional colleges are changing the curriculum to a model that adapts to the new needs of the company and are moving to online study of online courses. In the field of clothing and apparel, too, the situation is no different and many well-known stores are starting to feel the competition in their pockets and are starting to invest in online stores. &Nbsp;

Commercial chains like eBay, Amazon and Eli Express are becoming huge empires that are lowering consumer prices. + Contact link

Why set up a store using WordPress?

When you set up a store with WordPress, you   make sure you have complete control over the entire experience. When you download a theme, you can customize it to your needs. If your hosting seems slow, you can upgrade it or just switch hosts. &Nbsp; If you decide you no longer like your domain address,   you have the full option to change it. If you do not want to use a particular plugin, you can find a replacement. &Nbsp;

WordPress is unlike any other platform that gives you only one option that connects you to it for life, even if it is not 100% suitable for your business needs. You're never stuck with WordPress: because only if you decide to switch to another platform, there's nothing stopping you from taking your data, which is the most important thing   to your business.

WordPress even allows you to export all your content, including posts and pages, in a useful XML format, while your WooCommerce products can be saved as CSV. And it allows you to export your orders and customer data.

Is it worth opening a virtual store at all?

For people all over the country or even for the whole world. E-commerce may seem like a crowded market, but it is still a growing market with an increase in global sales every year. So don ' t worry, it's never too late to jump in and get into the realm.

Starting your own online business is actually easier than selling the traditional way. Remember that there are no restrictions on location on the Internet. For example, suppose you live in an area that produces wine and want to sell your delicious wine. &Nbsp;

Selling it traditionally through a local store will be quite challenging because of local competition, but if you have your own e-commerce site you will enjoy a big advantage. This will allow you to sell anywhere you want and that's a huge difference. &Nbsp;

Suddenly, your business will have many other benefits like online marketing tools, social networking, personalized promotions and discounts, unlimited consecutive opening hours, discretion and privacy, a wider customer base and much more.

However, no matter what you plan to sell, one critical thing here is the online store itself. But do not worry, because here we come into the picture. A successful online store must be better than its competitors. &Nbsp;

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We believe our stores are the best, because they all respect these 7 key principles:  

  1. In-depth analysis. Every successful project needs to answer a few questions. What is the target group, its characteristics and how to reach it.
  2. Good design. Too many designers focus only on the home page. Yes, the home page is important, but most customers will reach the page through search engines directly to some product. That's why we focus so much on the product description pages, action buttons and easy site navigation.
  3. Search Engine Optimization. Content is king and in the e-commerce business this is especially true. However, you can only reach the full potential of your site if it is properly matched to the search engines. No problem, leave the magic of SEO in our hands.
  4. Integration of social networks. Here is one example that will give you an idea of ​​the matter. Give your customers the opportunity to share their purchases with friends on social media, and see how the number of new sales and customers increases.
  5. Reliable search engine. The worst thing is when a customer searches for something you sell, but can not find it on your site. Do not worry, this will never happen in our stores because we pay close attention to search engine functionality.
  6. Mobile version. The number of products sold through mobile devices is growing rapidly every year. So you can be sure that our stores are mobile friendly.
  7. Security. One of the issues that is our top priority is handling personal information in the right way. Secure storage of such information is essential to the reliability of your store. This is why all of our e-commerce sites use the latest security technologies.

  So why waste time when you can already make a profit from current online sales, waiting for a consultation call for your future virtual store.