Many businesses, especially in times of recession and economic instability, find themselves in a "Catch 22" situation, or what comes first, the egg or the chicken.

Assuming that the marketing budget is part of the overall business plan, based on cash flow, bank credit, existing and potential clients etc. the question arises as to whether to wait for clients or to invest in publicity and branding, or to significantly invest in marketing in the hope that this will produce income.  The answer, according to all statistics, is entirely clear.

In a period of mass communication and an ever ending flow of information and stimuli available to consumers, there is no doubt that an impressive internet website, with a clear and interesting message, found at the top of major search engines, by using a functional site promotion system and relevant keywords for that particular business and the type of clients the business is looking for, is essential, and at a relatively low cost.

Promoting the web site on major search engines such as Google, Bing, Netex and others, increases leads and surfing of the website by people who are really interested, and lowers the audience that have no real client potential.  Until recently, as already known to all those over the age of twenty,  a business would "fight" over space in theYellow Pages by adding the letter "A" to their name.  This would ensure that they would be the first to be noticed, or at least on the first page in their category.  Many times a building contractor named AAAA Moshe would be contacted only to find out that the only "A" in his name was the "A" for ALWAYS being late!  The same thing happens today in the world of internet.   A business survives when its website is in the forefront, when it is seen in the relevant category and when it earns a top place in the search engine.

WEB CONCEPTS fully understands this new and versatile world and is committed to provide you – business owner – the ideal development of your business website to be friendly to search engines and consumers – to be found at the top of the list – where it belongs.

So, dear business owner, there is no need to feel entrapped if you want to succeed. All you have to do is decide on a strategy, build a website and start promoting it with the help of a serious and responsible web promoter.  Your clients will already find you.

Checking standarts of your website for free

Does your website meet regulated standards?  Is your website suited for search engines?  WebConcepts has a professional team who will thoroughly check your website and present you with a report on your standards.

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Promotion of websites on the search engines

You have decided to promote your website, this is a major step in the right direction, because without this your website does not exist, but in what ways have you decided to market your website?  We will analyze your website and provide you with free consultation on the best ways to promote your website.

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Consultation, needs analysis and economic profitability

You have decided to build a website, stop!  Is it the right concept?  Is it implementable?  What will be the cost and profit of the project?  We offer you free consultation, analysis of the concept and profitability.

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