How to Build an Effective Site

The Website is the Essence:

The internet website is a public, open and visible visiting card.  You cannot decide who to give it to, access to it cannot be blocked and it is the first source that potential clients will search to see, even before coordination of a meeting.  Moreover, a modern and desirable website is not only a source of pride and belonging to a business and its employees who can show off the site to their friends and relatives, but there is no fear in advertising it and mainly, to add additional content, clarifications, etc.  In general, an internet website for many businesses, companies and organizations, is the next best new thing.

Building a Website – Characterization as an Initial Step:

Characterizing is the first step prior to development and design of the website, and is usually cost estimated separately from the overall cost of development, for the simple reason that without structure it is impossible to evaluate what the cost will be.

Preliminary Research:

Just as we would not consider allowing people to live in houses without solid foundations, we cannot publish an internet website without first characterizing it.  This is a process whereby its functionality, usability, content and templates are determined.

At this point, business owners have to analyze their vision and target goals of the website.  This is the time to learn about the company, its character, its strong points and advantages, as well as the relative weaknesses concerning potential competition, and of course, to focus on the target clients and market desired.

All information collected in this initial research is used for mapping the website, its structure and definitions so that the website is most suited for the business.  This stage, therefore, should be carried out slowly and with great care.  Any future changes needed to be made can sometimes lead to redesigning the whole website, and there is nothing a client dislikes more than reading "Site is under construction".

Initial Characterization:

Once the initial research and its solutions have been determined, we then build a presence strategy of the business on the internet.  At this point, we start to consider the techniques needed to promote the website (SEO) and how to market the site in various media.  Now that we have the answers needed to understand the needs and goals of the website we can more easily evaluate the structure and the templates.

Successful websites focus on one central goal which, on the one hand, determines the structure and usability, and on the other hand, the way it will function.   Now we must be precise on focus and definition in order to plan an efficient strategy which will help reach the target goals and improve business results according to the capabilities and resources available.

Work Method:

  • Analyze market goals of the client and suit them to the website's structure.
  • Analyze the targeted market and adapt the site accordingly with the design and concept.
  • Define the desired surfing experience in order to maximize the effectiveness of the website.
  • Decide the number of templates and pages.
  • Define the range of activities.
  • Define the main navigation menu and secondary navigation menus.
  • Define a detailed website tree and navigation routes.

Extensive Characterization – Website Functionality:

After the initial stage of analysis, characterization, and structure of the site is finalized work begins on the various screens and how to access them (clicks, scrolling, etc.) according to their roles and functionality.  Emphasis, as mentioned above, is on efficiency and the surfing experience, and is determined according to ergonomics, character,  information, architecture and promotion on the search engines.

During this stage, consideration is taken regarding the various technologies and existing options available in the field, and we try to adjust the site to them all, while at the same time, leaving an opening for any future changes.

Activity Report – Design and Implementation:

At the end of the characterization process, a final report will be provided including a layout of the website's structure, and a written explanation of each item, and of course, a realistic cost estimate for the development and design of the website.  This report summarizes our recommendations regarding the way the website will function and the various ways to use it.  It will be based on results of the research and the selected concept and will serve the easy and efficient development of a website which will provide optimal results.