Ecommerce Sites

Unlike image websites and catalog websites which are used for solely marketing needs, and are aimed at encouraging movement and contacting the business, this is a special type of site meant for electronic trade (Ecommerce) and which serves as a store,  Merchandise can be purchased directly between buyers and sellers, manufacturers and consumers.

As time passes, and with the help of sophisticated security and protection, fear of purchasing through the internet is diminishing and more and more people are buying products online.  Many businesses have already discovered the potential of Ecommerce, which is open 24/7.  There is no need to wait in lines, and no need to pay salaries to cashiers and packers.  Businesses have uploaded their merchandise on to the internet and their website, or to a secondary website linked to their homepage.

This type of website must broadcast to the relevant target audience, in this case, the consumers, that this is a professional, safe and secure business.  The website designer must remember the endless usability and the online purchasing aspects and the site must be secured with the most advanced and trustworthy protection to provide the utmost safety, not only for the business but also for the customers.

We, at WebConcepts, understand that this is not a simple or cheap investment, but we know that this is a long term investment that eventually reimburses itself, and over a short time will bring in great profit.  However, the website must be designed correctly to encourage the surfer to make maximum purchases, easily and safely, and cause  him to return to the website and praise it on different internet forums.