What is the concept and why is it so important in website development and design? Is there one stanza for website development or is it a unique and different work of art for each website? In this article we will briefly touch on the essential questions regarding the development of a quality and correct concept and we will try to warn against possible mistakes and their consequences.

What is a concept?

This is the main idea and message in light of which we will design and build the site. The concept is based on an in-depth research and characterization process that is done with the client, with his aspirations, desires and the vision to which he aspires, as part of meeting the budgetary, realistic and competitive reality. At this stage, the functionality of the site is determined in terms of navigation, locating the information, ways of performing the actions, visibility (VISUAL) and graphic aesthetics required for the relevant target audience.

In the process of building the concept we create uniformity and homogeneity between the level of design and the level of usability so that they form a whole greater than the sum of its parts and provide optimal and remembered comfort and user experience, so that the stay is as long as possible, pleasant and friendly.

You, as the business owner, have a responsibility to look at your site as potential casual customers. As such, will you be happy with the home page? From browsing the contact page? From the arrangement of the gallery and the attached content? When you want to save a computerized receipt, will you not encounter an error message?

If all these answers are positive, then customers will also enjoy the site, stay on it and even serve as your honesty advocates.

If only some of the answers are positive, it is time for corrections, as soon as the site is up and running, any malfunction impairs the activity of the search engines and the options for promoting your site and if no answer is positive - the concept is wrong and you have to start from scratch.

Web development and design companies usually provide the client with a number of sketches for the concept, and which team will best influence the following components:

1. The shell of the system - the appearance of the home page, as the first, main and central showcase of the site and the design of the internal templates, which should be at the same level of finish of the home page.

2. How to perform processes in the system - how many clicks will we need to perform an operation? Is it possible to print or transfer files?

3. Navigation in the system - Are all the pages that are important to us on the home page? Is the main activity of the business (gallery, shop, presentation) within a reasonable distance from the home page?

4. The general aesthetics and behavior of the system - Is the site impressive in terms of design? Interesting in terms of content? Brings as experiential surfing as possible?