It can be assumed that you already have an internet website but is it providing the goals it was meant for?

Whether you have a website or not, it is worthwhile to read the below…and you, too, can increase your business turnover.

You're dream when you built your website.

Your website probably only fulfilled some of your goals but did not completely achieve the results you wished for, i.e. referrals and customers interested in your product/your service – there is need for improvement.

One of the reasons your site is failing is because of the vast number of websites and keywords, but the main reason, that you are unaware of, is the effectiveness of your website.  Is your website written in a language familiar to search engines?  Is your domain suited to the message you are trying to transmit?  Are the keywords defined in the code of the website?  Is your website stored in a friendly storage farm for search engines such as Google?  Are you relating a clear message to the client who has already visited the website or are you exhausting him to the point where he is fleeing?  There are many other questions you are unaware of, and while programming your website, were at the time irrelevant. 

Progress in the field of website development is moving fast and promotion of websites is even more sophisticated than in the past.

But, don't despair…!  You, too, take advantage of our program and up your act!!!

Offers available in the market today for building websites.

Today there is an endless number of proposals for building websites, there are so many trees you can no longer see the forest. Most of the proposals do not provide an overall response to your needs and to the questions above.  Most are not experts and you do not have the skills necessary to ask the right questions.  So, more often than not, one programmer built you a website, it is stored in a package deal in someplace and another company provides you with promotion, or not at all…  This is why your website has failed and not reached its target goal.

We are not even mentioning the waste of funds which have been spent on these services.

Our proposal – perfect and a winner!!!!

WebConcepts have been marketing consultants for many years and have performed deep research in this field, and together with the Daniel Tec Software Company, experts in marketing on the internet, we have put together for you a number of package deals, one of which will provide the perfect answer for your business. 

All the package deals are built on the following principles:

The overall response to all needs. From the moment you have made your mind up, we will take care of everything. Professional writing of your content - logical marketing writing which will attract and excite the visitor to the website until he either makes an order or makes contact.

The correct and professional design will be chosen from a selection of templates we can offer you. The website will be stored in a sophisticated and advanced farm with unlimited transport options and will be advanced in the search engines, including Google. The website is your property, not belonging to any company, provider or program.  If you wish to move to another place you are entitled to take the code with you and to build a website elsewhere.

The price is affordable to all pockets and payments are convenient so that for a reasonable cost you can obtain the best marketing results. The website will be professionally promoted…..and there are many more advantages which will be explained to you when we meet.

In summary:  In order for your website to achieve its goals, please contact us at the below address to coordinate an introductory meeting, for free, so that we can discuss your needs and provide the best suitable response.

  •  If you have a website, we will consider upgrading the writing code, content, design, and promotion.
  •  Completely restructuring the website according to the business and marketing requirements with professional promotion.